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About Us

The aim and scope of this web site:

VResources is a web site that covers all aspects of Virtual Reality technologies and all of its extents such as:

  • 3D computer graphics
  • VizSim (visual simulation market)
  • Real time simulations
  • 3D computer games

The persons who work on this web site:

  • Marc Bernatchez, Ph. D.

Marc Bernatchez has been involved in the field of virtual reality since 1991. He conducted graduate studies at Laval University, in Quebec province (Canada) from 1995 to 1997. There he worked on a virtual reality graphical user interface (VR GUI). At the same time, he took part in the VResources project with a US collaborator, Chuck Durham. He worked in the VizSim field for 4 years at CAE Inc. (www.cae.com), on various flight simulator image generators (IGs) components. He has been giving an introductory course to graduate students on virtual reality system and VR user interface designs since 1998. He obtained a Ph.D. on virtual environments user interfaces at the École Polytechnique de Montréal (www.polymtl.ca). Marc Bernatchez is currently President of Virtual Simulations Inc. (virtasim.com), a VR consulting and system development company.

E-Mail: Marc Bernatchez

  • Charles Durham

Charles Durham started the VResources web site initiative in 1995. He also coded plug-in and add-ons for popular graphic engines such as the Unreal game engine. He is a veteran web designer and is currently Vice President of Seisan Consulting Inc. (http://www.seisan.biz).

E-Mail: Charles Durham



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